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N.I.H.: Many Patients with Brain Injury Get No Follow-Up

by Sharon Reynolds / June 13, 2018

Millions of Americans go to the hospital each year for treatment of mild traumatic brain injury (TBI), also known as concussion. Though rarely fatal, concussions can have long-term effects that decrease quality of life. These include headaches, trouble with memory and reasoning, difficulty sleeping, and depression. A recent study found that almost a quarter of […]

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Wanted: 1 Million Volunteers for Medical Research

by Lisa Schencker / June 13, 2018

It’s an ambitious goal: Recruit 1 million people to contribute their time and, in some cases, DNA toward a research project aimed at learning how to better treat diseases based on genetics, lifestyle and environment. Northwestern University research assistant professor Joyce Ho says she’s up for the challenge. Health care institutions across the country are […]

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Pfizer Extends Donations of Drug for Blinding Disease

by Anne Gulland / June 13, 2018

Drug company Pfizer has announced it will extend its donations of antibiotics to treat the debilitating eye disease trachoma for five years. Pfizer initially said its donation of the drug Zithromax would end in 2020, the target for the worldwide elimination of the disease. Now it has said that the drugs will be available until […]

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Center Applies Native American Practices to Healing

by Mike Ferguson / June 13, 2018

For more than two decades, the New Day Ranch has been known for the treatment and education services it provides to youth and their families. Now New Day Inc. is expanding through its West End office, at 1724 Lampman Road, to include an adult substance abuse co-occurring program that uses Native American models including the medicine […]

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Nurse Charged in Patient’s Death after a Fall

/ May 16, 2018

A nurse was charged Thursday in the death of the father of President Trump’s former national security advisor after authorities said she failed to give him a series of neurological exams after his fall at a Philadelphia senior care facility. Christann Shyvin Gainey, 30, was charged with involuntary manslaughter, neglect and records tampering in the […]

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Health Industry Powerhouses Form a Coalition

by Mike Stankiewicz / June 13, 2018

Amid increasing premiums and drug costs, and proposed overhauls to the healthcare sector, industry powerhouses have come together to form a new coalition. But exactly what they will advocate for remains a mystery. Nine companies currently make up the new the Partnership for America’s Health Care Future (PAHCF,) which was announced Thursday, including America’s Health Insurance Plan, the American Medical Association, […]


Issue for Midterms

by Andy Slavitt, Nicholas Bagley

Donald Trump and the Republican Party just put America’s health care squarely on the November ballot. After a year of trying and failing to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the Trump administration, in cahoots with 20 conservative states, has asked the courts to strike down several pillars of the ACA — including its protections for Americans with pre-existing health conditions. These protections are a guarantee […]

Medicine’s Racist History

by Ester Choo

This spring, New York City removed a statue of James Marion Sims, the controversial “father of modern gynecology,” from Central Park. The decision was celebrated by those familiar with his legacy, including many physicians. Sims’ innovations had unquestionable value. He introduced an early version of the vaginal speculum and new methods of performing gynecological exams. He is particularly known […]