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Humana Will Quit ACA Exchange

by The Associated Press / February 15, 2017

Health insurer Humana is leaving the Affordable Care Act’s public insurance exchanges for next year as it regroups after cancelling ending its proposed combination with rival insurer Aetna. Humana Inc. covers about 150,000 people on exchanges in 11 states. The insurer said on February 14 that it had taken several actions to improve that business, […]

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Visa Limits Pose Threat to Medical Science

by Doni Bloomfield / February 15, 2017

Boston/London: From tiny start-ups to global giants, the companies that sustain the $324 billion US biotech industry are increasingly alarmed as President Donald Trump considers following his controversial travel ban with restrictions on skilled foreign immigrants. To crank out discoveries, US biotech firms such as Amgen Inc. and Gilead Sciences Inc., as well as overseas […]

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Jobs ACA Created in Indian Country Could End

by Eric Whitney / February 13, 2017

Since its founding in the 1950s, the Indian Health Service has provided medical care for many Native Americans. But the service has been chronically underfunded, so often pays for care only if someone is in immediate danger of losing life or limb. In recent years, the Affordable Care Act created new health coverage opportunities for […]

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$125 M Gift Supports Native American Pharmacy Students

by ABC FOX MT News Staff / February 15, 2017

In small towns across Montana, pharmacists do much more than just dispense medications. They serve as a vital health care resource for their patients, providing important health screenings and education for conditions like diabetes and asthma. To grow the number of community pharmacists in Montana and across the United States, The ALSAM Foundation created the […]

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Nursing Students Get Hands-On Experience

by Chris Dunker, Associated Press / February 15, 2017

LINCOLN, Neb.— The flesh-like rubber arms and hands splayed out on a table look very real — too real, in some cases — but it’s the artificial blood oozing from a wound that really pulls it all together. That’s a good thing, at least for the future nurses learning the skills they’ll use regularly at […]

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“Affordable” Lingo Stripped from Healthcare.gov

by Paige Winfield Cunningham / February 13, 2017

The Trump administration has stripped the Obamacare marketplace of positive references to the healthcare law, including removing the words “Affordable Care Act” from federal websites. The pared-down insurance website now links to fewer details about the healthcare law’s insurance reforms and coverage expansions. Entire sections praising the law’s impact on costs, coverage and care have […]


Why Changes Could Worsen Drug Epidemic

by Lloyd Sederer

In a recent article, I made the case against “Trumpcare” for our general health care system. As a psychiatrist, I now focus on the impact that President Donald Trump’s health policies could have on individuals, families and communities affected by use and abuse of drugs, especially opioids (including prescription pills like OxyContin and Vicodin as […]

Travel Ban’s Impact on Healthcare

by Ford Vox

(CNN) — The White House’s travel ban encompassing seven majority-Muslim countries is a blunt instrument that’s already wreaking havoc and the impact is already being disproportionately felt in American health care. The administration emphasizes it’s preventing only a “small percentage” of global travelers from entering or leaving the country, but our hospitals rely on a […]