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Student Health: Nourish Your Body & Mind At University

by Grace Carter / February 13, 2019

Staying fit and healthy in university is not really a priority for most students. For most, it is their first time living away from home, free of any restrictions, and with complete independence – you can eat, drink, and do whatever you want! However, neglecting your health and well-being can have a detrimental effect not […]

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Multicultural VMA to Launch, Seeks to Promote Diversity

by Kaitlyn Mattson / February 13, 2019

Dr. Marie Sato Quicksall remembers when she was young, she and her brother would get excited if they saw an Asian person on TV, much less a mixed-race individual. “We didn’t feel like we had a lot of representation, but we felt like we had a lot of support otherwise,” she said. Today, she still […]

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NYU Launches New Oral Health Center For People With Disabilities

by Monica Levitan / February 13, 2019

New York City residents with physical, cognitive and developmental disabilities will now be able to receive much-needed dental care, thanks to the opening of the New York University (NYU) College of Dentistry’s Oral Health Center for People with Disabilities. Located in the NYU College of Dentistry’s Weissman Building, the 8,000-square-foot center offers comprehensive care for […]

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Bias May Affect Providers’ Knowledge of Transgender Health

by Beata Mostafavi / February 13, 2019

People who are transgender face many barriers in the health-care system — from intake forms that use noninclusive language to challenges finding providers who are knowledgeable about their health-care needs. But more training may not be the answer to improving competent care, a new Michigan Medicine-led study suggests. Surprisingly, more hours of education in the […]

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Oklahoma College of Allied Health Faculty Receives Grant to Train Community Providers to Help Children With Disabilities

by Emily Tucker / February 11, 2019

University of Oklahoma College of Allied Health faculty members received a $1.25 million federal grant to enact a training program that will will serve the needs of children with disabilities and health professionals in that field, according to a press release. The Office of Special Education of the U.S. Department of Education issued the grant, […]

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Virtua Names Chief Philanthropy Officer

by Anthony Vecchione / February 13, 2019

Virtua has named Sarah Fawcett-Lee as senior vice president of its philanthropy program, Virtua Foundation, where she will be responsible for implementing initiatives across the not-for-profit organization with the goal of increasing charitable support for Virtua’s array of programs and services. Read More


Working with a disability

by Laura Kiesel

A decade ago, I was completing my master’s degree in environmental science and policy, and preparing to embark on a multi-decade career in advocacy and public policy that would have required not only long hours during the workweek, but frequent travel and overtime. Unfortunately, my body had other plans. Slowly my experiences began to erode […]

Why is student mental health at Georgia Tech and other schools worsening?

by Maureen Downey

Collin Spencer is a third-year biology major at Georgia Tech where he has served as a member of President G.P. “Bud” Peterson’s Campus Culture Action Team and as director of the Mental Health Student Coalition. After Collin and I exchanged emails about the deaths of two Georgia Tech students to suicide, I asked him to […]