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Swim Caps’ Flaws Factor in Racial Disparities in Pools

by Marissa Evans / August 15, 2018

Noelle Singleton challenges any swim-cap maker who claims a swimmer’s hair won’t get wet with their caps to send her one. She’ll post a review on social media of her swimming a 100-meter individual medley in it. Swim caps matter for Singleton, a 30-year-old black swim coach in Georgia with a thick, full-moon-shaped afro. Known […]

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Poll: Healthcare No. 1 Issue for Voters

by Robert Pearl, M.D. / August 15, 2018

Depending on which news outlet, politician or pundit you ask, American voters will soon participate in the most important midterm election “in many years,” “in our lifetime” or even “in our country’s history.” The stakes of the November 2018 elections are high for many reasons, but no issue is more important to voters than healthcare. […]

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Champion for Health Equity Resigns

by Mark Hallum / August 15, 2018

City Health Commissioner Mary Bassett is stepping down from her position with the de Blasio administration in favor of an opportunity with Harvard University. Bassett has worked to address Legionnaires’ disease in multiple buildings throughout Queens and recently helped make NYCHA housing smoke-free in July. Her resignation leaves First Deputy Commissioner Oxiris Barbot in charge […]

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Noir Elite: Promoting Culturally Adapted Fitness

by Stephenetta (isis) Harmon — / August 15, 2018

Each week, hundreds of women (and men, too) join fitness duo Valerie Fleurantin and Chaz Sandifer for what has become a movement of sisterhood, healing and community. Together, the duo is Noir Elite Fitness (NEF), a start-up health and wellness powerhouse dedicated to transforming how women – especially Black women – view fitness. Nearly four […]

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Nurse Charged in Patient’s Death after a Fall

/ May 16, 2018

A nurse was charged Thursday in the death of the father of President Trump’s former national security advisor after authorities said she failed to give him a series of neurological exams after his fall at a Philadelphia senior care facility. Christann Shyvin Gainey, 30, was charged with involuntary manslaughter, neglect and records tampering in the […]

Insurer Sues Administration Over Obamacare Payments Current News

Insurer Sues Administration Over Obamacare Payments

by Kimberly Leonard / August 15, 2018

A small New Mexico health insurer is suing the Trump administration for restarting an Obamacare payment program that will require it to pay out millions of dollars to larger, more established insurers. New Mexico Health Connections, a health insurance co-op, filed suit Monday in the U.S. District Court in Albuquerque on the grounds that the […]


Pregnancy and Death

by Dr. Adam Aponte

For many expectant mothers, anxiety builds from the moment they learn a little one is on the way. One thing they shouldn’t have to worry about is dying during pregnancy or childbirth, but that’s a real possibility for too many women, particularly those who are African-American and live right here in New York. Read More

Research at a Price

by Charles Boustany

President Donald Trump recently released an ambitious, 44-page plan to drive down prescription drug prices. The blueprint relies, in part, on negotiating and enforcing trade deals to prevent other countries from freeloading off of American researchers. That’s a smart strategy. Right now, most of our trading partners impose government price controls on drugs. Ensuring that […]