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College Students Count on Their Schools for Mental-Health Help, But Now Many Can’t Get It

by Lauren Lumpkin / June 01, 2020

It had been a tough five years at George Washington University, but when Hannah’s last semester arrived, so did relief. She started applying for jobs, envisioning life away from the District. The feeling didn’t last. One night in March, Hannah, in Florida for a job interview, met up with friends in Fort Lauderdale, where a […]

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Racism Is a Public health Issue and ‘Police Brutality Must Stop,’ Medical Groups Say

by Jacqueline Howard / June 01, 2020

As protests over George Floyd’s death continue nationwide, several doctors’ groups — the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Medical Association and American College of Physicians — are emphasizing that racism is a public health issue and they’re calling for police brutality to stop. The American Academy of Pediatrics posted to Twitter on Sunday night that “racism is a public […]

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Coronavirus is Society’s Diversity Stress Test

by Emil Guillermo / March 02, 2020

I was among the 19 million people watching last Wednesday’s Democratic debate in Nevada, the first really diverse state in the nation on the campaign trail.  And while everyone beat up  Mike Bloomberg, I was waiting to hear someone pounce on an even hotter topic that surely would have made an  Asian Americans like myself […]

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14 Women of Color Medical Students and Graduates Who Matched Share on Soon Joining the Frontlines Amid COVID-19

by Brittany Chambers / May 11, 2020

This year March 20, 2020, marked the National Resident Matching Program’s annual day where thousands of medical students and graduates (44,959) from across the U.S. and around the world learned the U.S. residency programs that they would have the opportunity to train at for the next three to seven years. However, as the students and graduates would […]

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Medical Students Take to the Streets to Give Free Care to Detroit’s Homeless

by Ryan Bergeron / November 4, 2019

(CNN) Armed with care packages, clothes and clinical supplies, medical students in Detroit are learning outside the classroom. They are putting their knowledge and boots to the pavement, providing free health care to the city’s homeless. Each week, students under the supervision of a registered physician or nurse practitioner get on their bikes and look […]

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To Combat Coronavirus, Scientists Are Also Breaking Down Barriers

by Laura Bliss / April 27, 2020

In a conference room in Washington, D.C., a dozen epidemiologists huddle over a computer monitor. On the screen, a map of self-reported data from test labs around the world shows a lethal strain of avian influenza originating in Asia. They summon their colleagues — data scientists, economists, and sociologists. What could happen if the pathogen […]


Working with a disability

by Laura Kiesel

A decade ago, I was completing my master’s degree in environmental science and policy, and preparing to embark on a multi-decade career in advocacy and public policy that would have required not only long hours during the workweek, but frequent travel and overtime. Unfortunately, my body had other plans. Slowly my experiences began to erode […]

Why is student mental health at Georgia Tech and other schools worsening?

by Maureen Downey

Collin Spencer is a third-year biology major at Georgia Tech where he has served as a member of President G.P. “Bud” Peterson’s Campus Culture Action Team and as director of the Mental Health Student Coalition. After Collin and I exchanged emails about the deaths of two Georgia Tech students to suicide, I asked him to […]