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Students Are Taking Stimulants to Help Them Study, But There’s No Evidence They Help

by Sara C. Mednick / October 21, 2019

Along with a steeper financial burden and an increasingly competitive academic environment, this year’s incoming freshman university class will likely be confronted with the pressure to take a little pill that some popular culture references say will make you “awesome at everything.” Or they may eschew the temptation and rely on the standard practice of […]

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PA’s Largest Community College Eliminates Campus Mental-Health Counseling for 17,000 Students

by Aneri Pattani / October 21, 2019

HARRISBURG — Pennsylvania’s largest community college system has eliminated all on-campus mental-health counseling for its students, Spotlight PA has learned, a move that college health experts called short-sighted and risky at a time of growing need. The Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC) told counselors across its five campuses to stop individual and group counseling as […]

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Bennington College Starting New Population Health Fellowship With SVMC

by Patricia LeBoeuf / October 07, 2019

BENNINGTON — Caring for people when they’re sick is one thing. Taking into account other things that contribute to health, and helping people before they’re sick, is another. In a new partnership, Bennington College and Southwestern Vermont Medical Center plan to offer six students paid, health-related internship opportunities this winter in an inaugural Population Health […]

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University of Georgia Does Away With Transgender Health Care Exclusions

by Joe Killian / October 07, 2019

The University of Georgia is dropping its exclusion of transgender-related treatments and procedures in its employee health insurance. The change comes as part of settling a lawsuit very similar to one filed in North Carolina earlier this year. Read More

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Campus Nurses Speak: How College Students Are Handling Their Health

by Rose Kennedy / September 30, 2019

When it’s your kid’s turn to go to college, you’re a nurse second and a parent first. All your professional knowledge about sleep deprivation, binge drinking and the “Freshman 15” can fly right out the window. And even if you earned a bachelor’s degree or Master of Nursing, your college experience may have been far tamer […]

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California Governor Signs Bill Requiring Public Universities to Offer Medication Abortion

by Caroline Kelly / October 14, 2019

(CNN) — California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill on Friday requiring medication abortion services at public state universities starting in 2023. “As other states and the federal government go backward, restricting reproductive freedom, in California we are moving forward, expanding access and reaffirming a woman’s right (to) choose,” Newsom, a Democrat, said in a […]


Working with a disability

by Laura Kiesel

A decade ago, I was completing my master’s degree in environmental science and policy, and preparing to embark on a multi-decade career in advocacy and public policy that would have required not only long hours during the workweek, but frequent travel and overtime. Unfortunately, my body had other plans. Slowly my experiences began to erode […]

Why is student mental health at Georgia Tech and other schools worsening?

by Maureen Downey

Collin Spencer is a third-year biology major at Georgia Tech where he has served as a member of President G.P. “Bud” Peterson’s Campus Culture Action Team and as director of the Mental Health Student Coalition. After Collin and I exchanged emails about the deaths of two Georgia Tech students to suicide, I asked him to […]