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Med School Grads Will Ease Shortage


by Associated Press

INDIANAPOLIS — Nearly half of the first graduating class of Marian University’s medical school has chosen to focus on primary care in Indiana, potentially helping address the state’s severe shortage of such physicians.

The Indianapolis Business Journal reports that of the nearly 130 students in the university’s College of Osteopathic Medicine who entered the competitive matching program for residency slots around the U.S., over 60 won residencies in primary care. Thirty-eight percent of the school’s graduates will do their training in Indiana.

The Association of American Medical Colleges says Indiana ranks 38th in the number of primary care physicians on a per-capita basis. A lot of the shortage has hit hardest in rural areas.

A recent study by Pittsburgh-based consulting firm Tripp Umbach says Indiana will need more than 800 additional primary care physicians by 2030.


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