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Researcher: Give Me Your Earwax, Armpit Sweat


by Associated Press

DURHAM, N.C.— It’s a dirty job, and somebody wants to do it.

N.C. Central University researcher Julie Horvath has examined the microbes living in our armpits, and now wants to look at earwax. Horvath and other researchers are investigating how modern personal hygiene habits may affect microbes living on our skin.

Horvath and a research partner will be swabbing study participants on Aug. 2 at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh; on Aug. 3 at N.C. Central in Durham; and Aug. 4 at N.C. State in Raleigh.

Participants are asked to not clean their ears or use deodorant or anti-perspirant for 48 hours before the test to give the microorganisms an opportunity to flourish. Swabs will be taken from armpits, ears, noses and ankles to compare bacteria and other microorganisms.


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