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Pro-Life Violence

by Kate Harveston | April 18, 2018
How many terrorist attacks have taken place on American soil over the last 40 years? The real a [...] Read more

Treating Alzheimer’s

by Jason Karlawish | April 16, 2018
I’m envious. One of my medical school classmates climbed a mountain with his patient, and not [...] Read more

Sacrificing Veterans

by Peter Van Buren | April 11, 2018
With some seeking to further privatize veterans’ health care, and hundreds of billions of dol [...] Read more

Life with Rare Disease

by Frank Rivera | April 09, 2018
You get that call you feared. You have cancer. Hours go by. You decide how you’re going t [...] Read more

Sports, Sponsorships and Obesity

by Dr. Francis Collins | April 04, 2018
Last September, the National Football League struck a deal with Frito-Lay that allowed the comp [...] Read more

No Experience

by Eugene Robinson | April 02, 2018
You can’t make this stuff up: President Trump has announced he will nominate a medical doctor [...] Read more

Speak Up!

by Sharon West | March 28, 2018
Kudos to tennis superstar extraordinaire Serena Williams for insisting on being heard relativ [...] Read more

Executing Dealers

by Ford Vox | March 27, 2018
Vengeance is not a public health policy. But it’s implicit in a policy measure coming out [...] Read more
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