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Tariffs Hurt Healthcare

by Peter Roff | September 19, 2018
The American people, some businesses and the nation’s health care will all be harmed to a con [...] Read more

Looming Oligopoly?

by The Gazette | September 17, 2018
If President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions care about affordable health care, [...] Read more

Turning Clock Back

by Elijah E. Cummings | September 12, 2018
Last week, a federal court in Texas heard oral arguments in yet another lawsuit attacking the A [...] Read more

‘Religious Liberty’

by Haider Warraich | September 10, 2018
Not that long ago, there was little difference between a physician and a preacher, a clinic and [...] Read more

Thumbs Down

by Daniel E. Dawes | September 05, 2018
Today, we laid to rest arguably one of our country’s most notable war heroes, Sen. John McCai [...] Read more

Justice Gap

by Conner Suddick and Raie Gessesse | September 04, 2018
The United States prides itself on the notion of “liberty and justice for all.” The reality [...] Read more

In-Hospital Opioid Deaths

by Michael Wong | August 29, 2018
Much of the public attention on the opioid-epidemic has been focused on the harm caused by pres [...] Read more

The Cost of Obesity

by Dr. Matthew A. Clark | August 27, 2018
The relationship between excess weight and the risk of illness has been known since the time of [...] Read more
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