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Work Rules

by Bangor Daily News | July 16, 2018
On July 1, Kentucky planned to subject thousands of low-income residents who receive health cov [...] Read more

Kavanaugh & Health Care

by Arielle Kane | July 11, 2018
President Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill the seat on the Supreme Court v [...] Read more

An Alzheimer’s Patient’s Advice

by Dick Goodson | July 09, 2018
About a year ago, the Register published an essay I wrote about having Alzheimer’s or as I [...] Read more

Travel Ban & Health

by GVWire | July 05, 2018
There is something with life-and-death consequences that the Trump administration didn’t say [...] Read more

Veteran Suicides

by Wes O'Donnell | July 02, 2018
Three years ago, I wrote a somewhat confrontational article about why 22 was not the correct [...] Read more

Breastfeeding Zealots

by Laura Dorwart | June 27, 2018
Breastfeeding zealots really need to back off — especially when they work in the newborn ward [...] Read more

Separation Trauma

by Oscar J. Benavidez | June 25, 2018
Fair and just societies protect children. The Trump administration’s unconscionable practice [...] Read more

Callous Decisions

by Blair Horner | June 20, 2018
Not satisfied with taking away health insurance coverage for over 3 million Americans, last wee [...] Read more
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