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Not Such Good News

by Valley News | August 21, 2017
We recently used this space to praise Santa Ynez Valley Cottage Hospital, which received an awa [...] Read more

Medicare for All

by George Skelton | August 16, 2017
Dreaming of a state-run single-payer healthcare system? Wake up and enter the real world. Want [...] Read more

Doctor: Will I Have to Turn Children Away?

by Dorothy R. Novick | August 14, 2017
It has been 20 years since I’ve had to tell a mother she had no options for insuring her chil [...] Read more

Fighting for Our Lives

by MARCELA HOWELL | August 09, 2017
Republicans have now tried and failed three times to pass health care bills that would dismantl [...] Read more

The Repeal Attempt That Won’t Die

by Sher Watts Spooner | August 07, 2017
Just when you thought your health insurance was safe. The Senate failed to pass a plan to repea [...] Read more

OK, Now Fix it

by NEW YORK DAILY NEWS | August 02, 2017
After falling one senator shy on an irresponsible, thrown-together plan cynically branded “sk [...] Read more

What F.D.R. Knew

by H.W. BRANDS | July 31, 2017
When the Social Security Act of 1935 was being drafted, liberals chided Franklin Roosevelt for [...] Read more

He’s No Hero

by Jason Johnson | July 26, 2017
Today, John McCain is doing something “heroic” or “tough” or “badass,” according to [...] Read more
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