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GW Introduces Summer Cancer Research Program

by News Medical Life Sciences | July 05, 2018
The George Washington University (GW) School of Medicine and Health Sciences, in partnership wi [...] Read more

Kids in Hot Cars: Prevention Guide

by Kali Chan-Stony Brook | July 05, 2018
Babies and young children can sleep so peacefully that it may be tempting to leave them alone i [...] Read more

Hospitals Struggle with Shortage of Opioids for Pain

by Linda A. Johnson  | July 05, 2018
There is another opioid crisis happening in the U.S., and it has nothing to do with the overdos [...] Read more

Aid in Summer Improved Children’s Nutrition, Food Access

by | July 02, 2018
Offering families financial assistance to purchase food in the summer improved school-aged chi [...] Read more

Study: Sleep Problems Raise Heart Risks for Women

by David DiSalvo | July 02, 2018
We know that not getting enough sleep is already linked to a slew of health concerns, both phys [...] Read more

Scientist Map Socioeconomic Data

by National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities | July 02, 2018
The Neighborhood Atlas(link is external), a new tool to help researchers visualize socioeconom [...] Read more

Higher HIV Rates in Sub-Saharan Women Linked to British Colonialism

by Carmen Nobel | June 27, 2018
The likelihood that a woman in sub-Saharan Africa has HIV today is linked to whether her countr [...] Read more

Aging LGBT Seniors Loom as Major Public Health Issue

by American Heart Association | June 27, 2018
LGBT people of all ages have experienced health inequalities, but researchers have begun to del [...] Read more