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New York Bill Aims to Get Insurance Coverage for Medical Marijuana

by WHEC | October 29, 2018
Medical marijuana is legal in New York State but it’s too expensive for many people who n [...] Read more

Trial Shows Promise in Fight Against Rare, Aggressive Breast Cancer

by Maria Cohut | October 24, 2018
A recent clinical trial could change the face of therapy for a very aggressive and stubborn for [...] Read more

Drug Overdose Death Numbers Begin to Level Off

The number of U.S. drug overdose deaths has begun to level off after years of relentless increa [...] Read more

San Diego State University Receives $20 Million to Build Center Focused on Minority Health

by Chris Jennewein | October 24, 2018
The National Institutes of Health awarded San Diego State University a grant of nearly $20 mill [...] Read more

Gene Sequencing Creates Ethnic Dilemma Among Native American Tribes

by Dante Ramos | October 23, 2018
When Senator Elizabeth Warren took a DNA test in hopes of settling one controversy, Stanford ge [...] Read more

Harvard Medical School Said Heart Researcher’s Lab Produced Falsified Data

by Carolyn Y. Johnson | October 23, 2018
Days after Harvard Medical School said it found extensive falsified or fabricated data from the [...] Read more

Two University of Maine Nursing Students Contract Viral Meningitis

by Penelope Overton | October 23, 2018
Two University of Maine nursing students have been diagnosed with viral meningitis, prompting t [...] Read more

Cost of Diabetes Prevention May Exceed Reimbursements

by Wolters Kluwer Health | October 17, 2018
For some healthcare providers—especially those serving racial/ethnic minority and low-income [...] Read more