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Poll: Mayors Doubt City Policy Can Ease Health Disparities

by Chloe Reichel | April 11, 2018
Nearly one-third of mayors believe that city policies won’t lessen health disparities, ac [...] Read more

Plan to Cut Benefits Threaten Children

by Katie Hamm, Leila Schochet and Cristina Novoa | April 11, 2018
Kelly is a Pennsylvania mother of two young boys. Kelly grew up in a family that did not earn e [...] Read more

Yale Works with FDA to Advance Diversity in Research

by Ziba Kashef | April 09, 2018
To promote scientific progress and diversity in clinical research, Yale School of Medicine and [...] Read more

Poll: Americans See Drug Addiction as Disease

by Matthew Perrone, The Associated Press | April 09, 2018
A slim majority of Americans see prescription drug addiction as a disease that requires medical [...] Read more

Millennials at Risk for Heart Disease

by | April 09, 2018
Many heart disease risk factors are the same for everyone. Lifestyle choices such as insufficie [...] Read more

Health Care for Reservation Inmates Raises Concern

by Mary Hudetz, Associated Press | April 02, 2018
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — At a tribal jail in Washington state, an inmate with a broken leg banged [...] Read more

Canadian Experts Say Ibuprofen Could Stall Alzheimer’s

by Dr. Patrick McGeer | March 28, 2018
A Vancouver-based research team led by Canada’s most cited neuroscientist, Dr. Patrick McGeer [...] Read more

Kids With Autism Less Likely to Be Vaccinated

by Alice Park | March 28, 2018
Doctors say that there is no scientific evidence suggesting a link between vaccines that infa [...] Read more