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Is Healthcare a Right?

by Atul Gawande | September 27, 2017
In the world unable to come to agreement on an answer. Earlier this year, I was visiting Athens [...] Read more
Legionnaires’ Outbreak at Senior Center Probed

Legionnaires’ Outbreak at Senior Center Probed

by Fox 9 | September 25, 2017
The Minnesota Department of Health is investigating two cases of Legionnaires’ disease confir [...] Read more

University Team Reduces Disparities in Breast Cancer Care

by Nick Patterson | September 25, 2017
Data-driven research has for years borne out that there are diverse health conditions between d [...] Read more

Aaron Hernandez Had Severe Brain Disease

by Rachael Rettner | September 25, 2017
Former NFL player Aaron Hernandez had a severe form of the brain disease chronic traumatic ence [...] Read more

Professor: Destigmatize Obesity

by Toni Airaksinen | September 20, 2017
A University of Texas professor recently urged his colleagues to “remove the stigma associate [...] Read more

Sitting Too Long Can Kill You

by Kali Holloway | September 18, 2017
In 1960, approximately 50 percent of U.S. jobs required heavy to moderate physical activity. To [...] Read more
Initiative Targets Disparities in Rural N.C.

Initiative Targets Disparities in Rural N.C.

by WITN | September 18, 2017
A first-ever effort to marshal the combined resources of 12 ECU colleges and schools, 14 center [...] Read more

Report: Online Ratings of Doctors Are Inadequate

by Les Masterson | September 13, 2017
Online physician ratings are a key part of consumer-driven healthcare that is supposed to put i [...] Read more