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Researcher Gets $4 M to Study Pre-Term Birth Disparities

by University of North Carolina Health Care System | November 06, 2017
A researcher at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine has received nearly $4 million from a di [...] Read more

Telehealth Fills Voids During Weather Emergencies

by Meg Bryant | November 06, 2017
When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Nemours Children’s Health System was eager to help out thr [...] Read more
Program Pairs Students with Medical Role Models

Program Pairs Students with Medical Role Models

by Marialuisa Rincon | November 01, 2017
Abigail Sapp’s Saturday mornings are usually reserved for basketball practice, but the op [...] Read more

HBCU Gets $16.3 M to Examine Disparities

by SHANTELL E. JAMISON | November 01, 2017
The grant comes courtesy of the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities, a [...] Read more

Yale Leads Study on Disparities Among Seniors

by Kevin Dennehy | November 01, 2017
A research team led by F&ES Professor Michelle Bell has received a $4 million grant from t [...] Read more

Q &A on Breast Cancer Disparities

by Sabrina Richards and Diane Mapes | October 30, 2017
Dr. Peggy Porter, head of the Breast Cancer Research Program at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research [...] Read more
Disabled Have Worst Outcomes and Access to Care

Disabled Have Worst Outcomes and Access to Care

by Lisa Rapaport | October 30, 2017
People with disabilities may have less access to care and worse health outcomes than individual [...] Read more

Hundreds Line Up for Free Clinic in West Virginia

by Jerry White and Zac Corrigan | October 25, 2017
Hundreds of low-wage and poor residents received free dental, vision and other medical care ove [...] Read more