Minority Populations - Diverse Health

Tribes Want to Close Loopholes in Violence Against Women Act

by Melodie Edwards | June 27, 2018
Four out of 5 Native American women experience violence in their lives. This is in a report by [...] Read more

Black Males Suffer Most Health Consequences

by The Washington Informer | June 27, 2018
Minority males have the poorest health outlook of any Americans, a recently released report sho [...] Read more

Native American Teens at Greater Risk for Substance Abuse

by Denis Bedoya | June 25, 2018
Native American teens are at greater risk of alcohol and drug abuse than other American teens, [...] Read more

Democrat Ads on Healthcare Aim for Latino Vote

by Stephen A. Nuño | June 18, 2018
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) announced the launch of a new digita [...] Read more

Center Applies Native American Practices to Healing

by Mike Ferguson | June 13, 2018
For more than two decades, the New Day Ranch has been known for the treatment and education ser [...] Read more

2 States Propose Hikes for Obamacare Plans

by Jessie Hellmann | June 06, 2018
ObamaCare insurers in New York and Washington state are proposing double-digit rate hikes for [...] Read more

Use of Tribe’s Sovereignty Called Risk to Patent System

by Susan Decker | June 06, 2018
Allergan Plc faced a skeptical appeals court Monday as the company defended its use of an Amer [...] Read more

Project Taps Black Women’s Influence to Get Men Treated

by John Lundy | June 06, 2018
Glenn E. Simmons Jr. knows firsthand the power of the woman in African American culture. “ [...] Read more