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Blue States Fight Dismantling of ACA

by Mike Stankiewicz | April 18, 2018
Despite attempts by the Trump administration and Republican-controlled Congress to dismantle th [...] Read more

Gender Pay Gap Growing Problem for Doctors

by Les Masterson | April 16, 2018
The Medscape report said male primary care physicians earn an average of $239,000 annually, whi [...] Read more

Democratic Attorneys General Fight Texas ACA Suit

by Kathleen Ronayne, Associated Press | April 11, 2018
SACRAMENTO, Calif.  — Sixteen Democratic attorneys general are pushing back against a Texas [...] Read more

Proposed Regulations Could Penalize Immigrants

by Bill Hangley | April 09, 2018
The latest leaks in Washington indicate that the Trump administration remains serious about dis [...] Read more

First Responders Improving Interactions for People with Autism

by Leischen Stelter | April 04, 2018
First responders areare increasingly likely to respond to an incident involving a person with a [...] Read more

Researchers Double Effort to Enroll Women in Breast-Disease Study

by Katti Gray | April 02, 2018
Leaders of a landmark study aimed at heightening the focus on family medical history and geneti [...] Read more

Kids With Autism Less Likely to Be Vaccinated

by Alice Park | March 28, 2018
Doctors say that there is no scientific evidence suggesting a link between vaccines that infa [...] Read more

Democrats See Chance to Improve Obamacare

by Jonathan Cohn | March 27, 2018
President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law on March 23, 2010 ― eight yea [...] Read more
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