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Insurer Sues Administration Over Obamacare Payments

Insurer Sues Administration Over Obamacare Payments

by Kimberly Leonard | August 15, 2018
A small New Mexico health insurer is suing the Trump administration for restarting an Obamacare [...] Read more

N.C. Couple Joins Cities in Suit Over ACA

by Ruth Serven Smith | August 06, 2018
Two Charlottesville residents are suing President Donald Trump, alleging sabotage of the Afford [...] Read more

House Votes to Delay Obamacare Insurance Tax

by Ken Alltucker | July 30, 2018
The House of Representatives voted Wednesday on bills to delay an Affordable Care Act tax and a [...] Read more

Top Administrator Slams ‘Medicare For All’

by Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar | July 30, 2018
WASHINGTON — The Trump administration’s Medicare chief slammed Sen. Bernie Sanders̵ [...] Read more

Trump Opens Insurance Options to Small Business

by Lydia Coutre | July 25, 2018
Thanks to a new federal rule, small businesses could find it easier to band together to buy hea [...] Read more

Legalized Marriage Linked to Increases in Health Coverage for Gay Men

by Chloe Reichel | July 23, 2018
After the legalization of same-sex marriage in the U.S., more gay men reported having health in [...] Read more

Pelosi Pushes for National Health Care Plan

by Rick Barrett | July 23, 2018
Defending the Affordable Care Act and saying that a Medicare for All program ought to be consi [...] Read more

Pediatricians Issue Strong Warning on Food Additives’ Risk for Children

by Dennis Thompson | July 23, 2018
A growing mound of scientific evidence has linked these chemicals to changes in children’ [...] Read more
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