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U.S. Threats, Opposition to Breastfeeding Resolution Stuns World

by David Reid | July 09, 2018
The U.S. government reportedly threatened Ecuador with trade sanctions if it didn’t water dow [...] Read more

China Warns Citizens Traveling to U.S. about Violence, Healthcare Costs

by Jing Travel | July 05, 2018
The Chinese embassy in the United States posted a new notice on its Chinese language website [...] Read more

Insurers Sue U.S. for Billions over ACA

by Guy Boulton | July 05, 2018
Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative expected to receive $45 million in 2015 through a program [...] Read more

Catholic Hospitals Offer Preview of Post-Roe v. Wade Scenarios

by Amy Littlefield | July 05, 2018
The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has tightened restrictions on reproductive health care [...] Read more

Forecast for Obamacare: More Insurers, Higher Prices

by Kimberly Leonard | July 02, 2018
Health insurers are planning to expand in Obamacare amid rising profits, but the trend is comin [...] Read more

Sale of Off-Exchange Medical Plans Drop by Half

by Kimberly Leonard | June 27, 2018
The number of health insurance plans sold outside of Obamacare’s exchanges fell by half i [...] Read more

Court Upholds Travel Ban Healthcare Groups Opposed

by Joanne Finnegan | June 27, 2018
A travel ban that was opposed by a healthcare industry that depends on foreign doctors and work [...] Read more

Detained Migrant Children at Risk of Disease Outbreaks

by Liza Gross | June 27, 2018
As thousands of migrant children have been taken from their parents and sent to facilities acro [...] Read more