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Soda Industry Fighting Back on Local Taxes

by Mary Bottari | April 02, 2018
Watch out public health advocates – as soda tax campaigns are bubbling up in cities across t [...] Read more

States Need More Rules to Protect Insurance Market

by Les Masterson | April 02, 2018
Without more rules in place, state regulators won’t be able to fully protect the individual h [...] Read more

Sanders: ‘We Know Nothing About VA Pick’

by Connor O'Brien | April 02, 2018
Sen. Bernie Sanders wouldn’t commit to supporting President Donald Trump’s pick to [...] Read more

Institute Supports Conscience Rules in Healthcare

by Lacey McNiel | March 28, 2018
First Liberty Institute attorneys today submitted public comments on behalf of several religi [...] Read more

Why Take the Risk of Skipping Insurance?

by John Tozzi | March 28, 2018
In tiny Marion, North Carolina, the Buchanans decided that $1,800 a month was too much to pay f [...] Read more

Insurance Spurs Increase in Sex-Change Surgery

by Tim Mullaney | March 28, 2018
When Gaines Blasdel decided in 2012 that he wanted surgery so his physical identity would match [...] Read more

Mental Health Experts Condemn Transgender Ban

by Zack Ford | March 28, 2018
On Friday night, President Trump announced that he would once again attempt to ban transgende [...] Read more

AP: Promise for Vets’ Private Care Deadlocked

by Hope Yen, Associated Press | March 27, 2018
President Donald Trump is holding out the promise of better health care for veterans through an [...] Read more