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Women Have Closed Med School Enrollment Gap; Others Remain

by Ada Stewart | March 02, 2020
In 2017, for the first time, the class of students entering U.S. medical schools was more than [...] Read more

ACA’s Impact on Racial Health Disparities Has Stalled

by Steven Ross Johnson | January 17, 2020
While black and Hispanic adult uninsured rates dramatically declined thanks to the Affordable C [...] Read more

Will Term Limits Fix Academic Medicine’s Diversity Problem?

by Brandon May | November 18, 2019
The National Institutes of Health has announced a plan to enforce 12-year term limits for tenur [...] Read more

Transgender Students Push for More Resources

by Matthew Fischetti | November 18, 2019
Students are responsible for many of NYU’s structural changes — it was students who got the [...] Read more

UMN Student Group Enters Fight to Combat Racism in Medicine

by Jasmine Snow | November 18, 2019
A group of second-year medical students is trying to improve treatment of patients of color in [...] Read more

Bennington College Starting New Population Health Fellowship With SVMC

by Patricia LeBoeuf | October 07, 2019
BENNINGTON — Caring for people when they’re sick is one thing. Taking into account othe [...] Read more

Georgia College Workers Push for Lower Health Care Costs

by Eric Stirgus | October 07, 2019
Employees at five University System of Georgia schools hit the streets on their campuses Wednes [...] Read more

How to Fix the Gender Disparity in Pediatrics

by Alice D. Ackerman | September 23, 2019
Since Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman to graduate from an American medical school in [...] Read more